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Cool, only 3 more page views and I finally will reach 10.000 page views. :)
...after 8 years on DeviantART. So it looks like I'm a really bad artist, do not post frequently and the quality of art is poor.

Shit happens! As long as it makes fun to be here and it inspires me - every minute is it worth to be here!
Sometimes I'm happy to not do photography as my daily business. ;)
I just would like to ask if some of my watchers are using Instagram? I really like this fast and easy way to create and share snapshots in nearly every situation.

If so - and you want to follow me there just search for snoopers

If you are on Instagram please post you username with an comment :thanks:

Hi folks!

Hope you had a pleasant New Years Eve and everything went well and now you are in the best mood to start into 2012!
For me it went well and I'm really looking forward into this new year (and hopefully it will not end on Dec 21st...)

The only DA relevant thing for 2012 is improving my style of photography and my skills. Hope to find more time to see also the small things which can lead to great pictures. I also hope to find more people who are willing to be in front of the camera (apart from my beloved young lady).

Furthermore I hope to see some new places. If everything goes well, I will be able to do some photographs in the Los Angeles area in February. So please keep fingers crossed ;)

So long. Have fun and enjoy 2012! ;)

If you are bored or photography and Internet addicted (like me) - you will find me also on:

my photoblog:

Would be appreciated to meet you there as well.
I just would let you know: It is time for vacation! Destiniation will be Baltic Sea. Not that far away and anything but exotic (if you are living in Germany) - but quite a nice place for taking pictures. So keep your fingers crossed for awesome cloud formations on sunset and all the things you need for nice photographs.

Hi folks!

A short update: I have a Facebook page now and you will find it here....

I would appreciate it to see some of you there.


(not sure who will read this, because I do not have that amount of watchers here and who knows if they have subscribed to my journal...)
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nearly 5000 page views

Journal Entry: Thu May 7, 2009, 12:53 AM

What's new?

wow - only 20 clicks are missing to reach 5000 page views. Not bad, not bad... but in a time range of 5 years I would suppose, it's not a high rate oO

Whatever - I would say thank you to all the people who like my photographs. :-)

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Facebook profile

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 12, 2009, 2:20 AM

What's new?

If you want to add me to your facebook friends - you will find my profile here:

click here...

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Facebook DA support

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 3, 2008, 12:01 AM
Just an update to show the DA on Facebook support...

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Eiffel tower photograph

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 10, 2008, 2:47 AM
Okay, short update...

Maybe some of you have seen my night shot of the Eiffel tower of Paris. I've uploaded the photograph on Saturday and I've deleted it on Sunday morning due to copyright rules of the illuminated tower.

Now I got the permission from SETE (Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel) to present the picture on my private website. (don't know how to deal with this permission regarding DA)

So if anyone want's to see the photo again, please visit my website ( and feel free to comment.


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Acropolis Rallye 2008 review

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 9, 2008, 8:35 AM
So, now I've time to write some words about this years Acropolis Rallye of Greece.

At first: WOW - what an amazing event again!

Like every year I had 5 really nice days in Greece, which is a great country with so kind people. Those 5 days were full with rallye action, fun, swimming in the sea, walking in the sun, a lot of Mythos beer, sleeping under stars and good greek food.

This year was my first visit to the Psatha special stage and I was on a sharp hairpin with a view over Psatha bay. A great place to be and a great place for making pictures.
So you can see my favourite photo from this place here:

<a href="…>Mikko Hirvonen

Day 2 was at Agii Theodori again. I knew this place from last year and it was a good place for taking pictures with nice looking shapes of flying gravel. So my favourite photo from this year's Agii Theodori is:

<a href="…>Frederico Villagra

When you're doing camping on a gravel rallye like in Greece, it is important to have a shower or something like that. Unfortunately, the showers on the beach of Loutraki were still out of service. So these 5 days were quite hard. Getting dust on the stage and washing in the sea in the evening. Day by day you're only replacing the dust with salt from the sea on your skin.

Day 3 was like the year before at Agii Sortira. I didn't rework all good pictures, so I couldn't show you a photo from there now. Maybe later.

So you can see, it was fun to go there and to make the pictures - but it's hard too. Really hot in the sun. But I like greek food and for that I love the small village Stefani in the Mountains near Elefsina. They have the best Taverna in Attika there in my oppinion. :-)

btw: I was on TV on Eurosport! The camera catched me during Petters jubilations in the service park.

So let me say thank you to all the kind Greek people, to all fans, to 89.2 Sportime Athens and to Petter and his Subaru-Team for the nice time I had in Greek again! ;-)


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Acropolis Rally 2008

Journal Entry: Mon May 26, 2008, 4:31 AM
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Okay – now the time is coming...

On Wednesday this week the Acropolis-Rallye-Trip 2008 starts! The plane goes at 6 p.m. from Frankfurt and I’m so excited. During my 2006 and 2007 visits to the Acropolis Rally of Greece, I made so many photos and some of them made me really proud. So I’m full of expectation about this years input.
Like every year there are many new things. The rally HQ was changing again and will take place at Tatoi-Airfield in the north of Athens now. The ceremony start will be happen at the foothill of the Acropolis. In the last two years I made a lot of pictures of the Acropolis at sunrise, so originally I wouldn’t take more pictures of that. But now… the old Parthenon temple in the background and modern rally cars in front… It must be an impressive scene! Also the Subaru World Rally Team has decided to launch their new Impreza-WRC at this years Acropolis-Rally – so I hope to catch this brand new rally car in action and to present it here.

And new for me: It will be the first time using my new EOS400D on a rally. So wish me good luck in trying new things.

WAH – I’m so excited! One more day at work and then the trip starts. Hope to find time to eat the maybe best Souvlaki in the world in Stefani again. ;-)

2007 Acropolis Rally photos:

<a href="…>Jari Mati Latvala

<a href="…>Chris Atkinson

<a href="…>Dani Sordo

<a href="…>Before the heat begins...

Have a nice week!

later... but who cares

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 27, 2008, 8:38 AM
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I'm still alive and I just wan't to write something in here.

Last sunday, easter sunday, I woke up and looked out of the window and damn... it was like christmas. I didn't belive it... awesome view. Okay, I don't like winter and I don't like snow so much, but I had to make a picture. Have never seen such an amount of snow in my life. Further I needed a greeting card for different people... a good moment to make one ;)

Took a rabbit, two eggs, some snow, my balcony and of course - the cam. The result is that:

white easter

Okay, thats enough for now. (I think... writing here is like telling to the wall)

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waaaaaaaah - i got a new toy!

With the years I reached the limits of my good old Lumix FZ10 and I decided to buy a new camera this spring. But then... a German discounter sold my favourite object really cheap before Xmas and then was there the cashback option on it.

And there it was - my brand new EOS 400D!!! :-D

Think I caught the right moment, it wasn't cheaper till today. I took the Kit with the 18-55mm Objektive. Last week I got my new 50mm 1.8 objektive. In the future I'll try people photography. (if I'll find some models...)

Plan for this year is to have some fun with that new toy and especially making some new rallye photos at 2008s Acropolis Rallye of Greece.

Hope to find time to make some new pictures an to present it to you.

Have a nice day!
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I just would use this time to say hello. :-)

Last week I had the pleasure to visit Ireland. This was my first time there and I think it looks like a nice place to be. I havn't seen so much, cause I was there for work but I tried to use the evenings for short sightseeing and having fun in the pubs.

I took a lot of photos and in the next days I will try to find time to sort them and to present them here. But on the other hand, I've a lot of work and I've to prepare my flat for moving in an other city next month.

So long!
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In todays morning I was clicking on my DA message center and unsuspecting... and I got one message: you have been featured! What a surprise! My foto from the Acropolis of Athens is one pic in the contest about the 7 new wonders of the world.
Let's choose them!

I was really, really happy!

But I got another message in the afternoon:
You got featured! - again? Another surprise... My photo of Chris Atkinson at SS10 of this years Acropolis Rallye of Greece, where he hat a puncture, is part of Best of MotorSport Photography!

So this was a beautiful day for me! Thank you to all of you, who like my work and it's a honour for me, to be part of this two news articles.
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Okay, I haven't used this journal for 2 years, cause I thougt nobody want's to read it.

But with my last deviations from the Acropolis-Rallye of Grecce 2007, I got new motivation to be more part of this communtiy.
So lat me say thank you to all of you, who wrote a comment on these photos and to all people which are enjoying my gallery.

Hope to find more time to update my journal continious.

Hi there!

First month in my new job is over. I can't say it's a fantastic job... but I can't say it's a bad job, yet. But it's an international company and so I hope I'll get the opportunity to see some other places in the world.
The job need a lot time and I see no chance to make vacations this year... :(
But in my oppinion, the weekends are more intensive since I've to work the whole week.
...relaxing and having barbeque in the park - I like summer! (only at the weekends)
Cool - someone has subscribed me on DeviantArt! I don't know who it was, but I'm glad.

So, thank you! :hug:
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I got my diploma! Last thursday I had the presentation of my work at my university. Okay, it wasn't the best lecture I gave but it's done and I have finished my study.
I'm a little bit worry, cause it was a fantastic time and I met so many new friends.
And now I'm looking for a job. So I'll see where I've to go in the future. I'm not only looking for a job in Germany, it would be also okay to work in a foreign country. Here are my fav's:
UK - it's the easiest way for me, cause I can understand the people and I can learn better English.
Italy - I like the way of living there and the food :)
Croatia - Fantastic weather and deep blue sea.
Czech Republic - not far away from home, Prague is one of my favourite cities I ever was, Bohemian beer is the best beer in the world!
Canada, the States can't say so much, didn't leave Europe until now (okay, I was in the UK ;)) but I think it would be cool to work in America.

Perhaps I will have a foto shooting with a friend this week. So you can see the result here in the next time. ;)

Bye for now,
Hi there!

I've no idea who's reading this? but I wish you a happy new year. Okay, it's middle of January - but better later than never ;)

Now, the time is running. Last week I got the okay for the topic of my diploma from my university. So I've time till April 4th to finish it. I think it's enough, cause I'll try to finish it in March. I'm really thoughtful when I think about the last 4 years. It was a great time and I met such great people - and now? the study will be over in the next 3 month.

But if I find a good job and get some money, I wanna by my own DigiCam - clear for DA :)

And - the girl from the pic "Naaa...?" where asking me for a shooting. She's a fantastic photographer! The two pics with the Maserati are from her. And I saw some pics which she was taking with another friend. I can't wait to do that! :)

A big :hug: - or as I would like to say in German slang *Knuddlaaa* - to my English teaching girl ;) I'm happy that you're so lucky. It's nice to see that!

Have fun!